Whilst the festival is a one-day event, festival goers will be treated to a full and exciting Eswatini weekend experience with value-add activities. One of the event’s main commitments is to help develop the local tourism industry by engaging local partners to showcase their products & services to international festival goers.
Enjoy a weekend immersed in local flavour, with a host of fun activities on the weekend of August 2nd – 4th with the main event taking place on August 3rd.

Weekend add-on experiences include:


Ngwenya Glass: Glass Blowing (Ngwenya)

Ngwenya Glass is one of Swaziland’s hottest tourist attractions. Since 1987, Ngwenya Glass has been making glassware in Swaziland from 100% recycled glass, building on a reputation of quality, functionality, beauty and environmental awareness. The glass factory is strategically located near the Ngwenya/Oshoek border leading into South Africa. There will be a team creating some unique glass artworks on Sunday, 5th August and visitors will be able to watch at no cost.

QUERIES: ngwenya@ngwenyaglass.co.sz
WEB: https://ngwenyaglass.co.sz/


Mantenga Cultural Village (Ezulwini)

Situated in a Ezulwini Valley within Mantenga Nature Reserve, the Cultural Village is a natural display where visitors can learn about everyday life in a traditional Swazi homestead, and enjoy vibrant traditional dance shows staged at two intervals daily including on weekends.

There is also a small network of hiking trails offering visitors the opportunity to experience the beautiful contrast between riverine middleveld habitats and Highveld open grassland. The nature reserve also offers excellent bird watching opportunities.

QUERIES: curator@sntic.org.sz
WEB: http://www.sntc.org.sz/tourism/mantenga.asp


Swazi Candles (Malkerns)

Guests can enjoy the vibrant, music filled workshop in the Malkerns Valley where they can interact with the candle artisans as they work their magic. The beautifully intricate designs of Swazi Candles use the ancient technique known as “millifiore”. Millefiore, or, “thousand flowers”, first surfaced in Alexandria, but was perfected in the great glass-making cities of Murano and Venice. The Swazi Candles shop is situated a few kilometers from the Luju venue and is located in a complex where visitors view local and African fashion; design arts and crafts; and relax amidst beautiful views at a coffee shop within the centre of it all. The complex is open daily including weekends.

QUERIES: info@swazicandles.co.sz
WEB: http://www.swazicandles.com/


Tree Top Canopy Tour (Malolotja)

Experience the thrill of gliding through the forest canopy in one of the last mountain wilderness areas left in Swaziland. The Malolotja canopy tour offers most dramatic scenery you will ever encounter with striking rock formations, towering cliff faces, a rich diversity of flora and fauna, across a lush forest canopy towards the Malolotja mountain forest peaks. Tours happen twice daily depending on volumes. Pre-booking is essential and can be made by calling (+268) 7660 6755 or (+268) 7697 5704.

QUERIES: (+268) 7660 6755 or (+268) 7697 5704
WEB: http://malolotjacanopytour.com/


National Museum and King Sobhuza Park (Lobamba)

This National museum is an amazing cultural experience and captures the link that Swaziland has with nature and the love it has for nature, the beautiful mountains, countless rolling hills and green pastures are all depicted in the natural history hall. The Museum and Park are open every Sundays.

QUERIES: curator@sntic.org.sz
WEB: http://www.sntc.org.sz/tourism/king_sobhuza_park_tourism.php



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Visit the Luju online pages at www.facebook.com/Lujufestival/ , instagram.com/luju_festival and twitter.com/lujufestival for more information on accommodation packages, special offers and promotions as well as what you can expect on the main day of the festival on 3rd August. You can also drop us a line at communications@house-on-fire.com or call +268 2528 2040 if you have any further queries.