Standard Bank Luju Food and Lifestyle Trader Applications 2020

The Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival invites suitable candidates to apply to trade in the festival’s Food Garden or the Fashion Cafe.


Luju Fashion Café

We are inviting seasoned fashion traders to sell their products to the thousands of Luju festival fans from across the African region.

The Fashion Café trading area will focus specifically on traders who sell unique fashion pieces and eye-catching accessories. Products should complement our theme through their stall display and decorations. Aspiring traders can experiment with their creativity, using the historical origins of their products to tell powerful stories about our African future through design items and accessories that speak to fashion and hair. To compile a successful trader application, aspiring

traders should include clear images of their products and highlight what would make their stall unique. Fashion Café vendors will therefore be selected based on the above criteria including the premium quality of their product and attention towards innovative presentation and taking into consideration their African focus.


Luju Food Garden

Experienced food traders are invited to embrace the theme by creatively incorporating it into their menu, food presentation and stall decorations.

Applicants are welcome to experiment with their menus, using the historical origins of their dishes to tell a tale about the African future, and supporting this through imagery and spatial interaction to highlight what makes their product unique.

Sample-sized options are also encouraged, allowing festival guests the opportunity to taste the range of food on offer. Food vendors will therefore be selected based on the above criteria including the premium quality of their food, attention to innovative food presentation or preparation, and taking into consideration the festival’s regional focus.

For queries, contact us at or +268 2528 2040.


Luju Kids Corner

The Honey Bee Park, is an ideal space for family friendly products and services. Here children can roll up their sleeves to participate in plenty of age appropriate, mentally stimulating and hands-on activities. In between getting active and creative, youngsters can also enjoy treats just right for their little tummies.

LUJU is calling on all traders of child friendly games, activities and food to apply for this year’s installment. Please note:

  • Traders are assessed on the basis of their product quality and uniqueness, experience, clean & professional setup as well as high quality customer service.
  • LUJU is a health and ethical living event, traders selling healthy food will take priority
  • Physical activities should encourage healthy living and an active Life
  • Child run businesses are encouraged to apply

Applications open on the 12th of February 2020 to the 29th of May 2020. Only successful applicants will be contacted with an offer to trade at LUJU.

For inquiries please contact Notsile Nkambule at or 76615166. For more information you can visit