The Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival, coming up on August 2-3rd is a celebration of the tastes, flavours, styles and cultures of the region. Luju is also a celebration of sustainable, ethical and locally driven initiatives that support programs around food and water security for the region.

One of these initiatives has been developed by Luju partner boMake Rural Projects through one of their key programme areas of water, sanitation and hygiene. With the goal to improve public health through increased equitable access to potable water, sanitation and hygiene for all households, to date boMake through this WASH program, has installed 28 boreholes in 28 communities and approximately 1000 pit latrines in rural communities in Eswatini. More the 20000 people now have access to clean water.

 Water is Life

From cooking, drinking and washing the significance of water is evident throughout our everyday activities. Water is more than a lifestyle, it’s a human right. It is intrinsic to life.

It is quite unsettling to know that there are still some communities in Eswatini that do not have access to safe and potable water and yet it is a need. The burden of water collection falls mainly on women, who still need to take care of the family while making money after going to search for clean water.

boMake prioritizes support to women as they are the foundation for thriving communities and families. They collect water from far-away streams. This must be done early in the mornings when the mud has settled down. They share this water source with livestock and there is no effective protection against bacteria and chemicals. boMake is committed to supporting these communities in finding safe, clean drinking water systems.

Luju Activation

The Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival is committed to promoting water awareness and the importance of water is visible throughout the festival, from the cooking at the culinary kitchen and the washing of utensils to attendees quenching their thirst with a bottle of water.

At this year’s Standard Bank Luju Festival, boMake will create a space where festival-goers can quench their thirst for knowledge relating to WATER as a human need and right. They will also have water samples for tasting, from current sources used by communities in need of potable water, for festival-goers to see and drink.

Visitors will also get the opportunity to ‘tap’ into a virtual reality experience, embarking on a journey into a rural community through an immersive VR video where they follow one of the WASH interventions, as community members go from using an unhealthy source to taking the first sip of clean water from a newly installed borehole. Through these activations, boMake aims to encourage people to appreciate the importance of water and become advocates for change in communities with very little or no access.

Tap Out

Standard Bank LuJuFestival attendees will have the opportunity to support boMake’s cause, not only by taking part in our activations throughout the day, but also by opting to TAP OUT instead of cashing out. People can simply donate any leftover funds from their cashless wristbands when they leave the festival, at the boMake Rural Projects’ stall. We are looking to raise enough money to give more communities access to safe and potable water.

The Standard Bank LUJU Festival platform is a great opportunity for boMake to advocate the need for clean water in Eswatini communities and encourage festival attendees to be part of the difference safe water will bring to the community.


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