Set in the scenic Malkerns valley in Eswatini, and just a four-hour drive from Johannesburg, the one-day Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival offers a lavish feast of music, fashion, entertainment, culinary exploits, and connoisseur level premium wine and whiskey showcases.

As a premier food and lifestyle event, the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival offers a delectable feast of culinary tastes from the region.

Food vendors will therefore be selected based on key criteria, including the premium quality of their food and with an eye towards innovative food presentation or preparation and with a regional/pan-African focus.

Luju is looking for food traders who can accommodate both normal and bite-sized portions from each trader, allowing festival guests to sample a range of food.

Luju will also welcome food enthusiasts looking to add their ‘special ingredient’ to the bespoke menu selection, so preference will be given to vendors offering unique ingredients, preferably locally or regionally grown or sourced, through sustainable practices.

The festival is also looking for interactive stalls that will allow customers to see the preparation process, not just the finished product in its packaging; or those that share visual information about their food.

The 2019 Luju theme is also brought to life in the Design Café – a space that takes us on a journey of celebration though sculptural art and design works. All elements in the Design Café are designed and infused with simple materials that preserve our culture and embrace our environment, offering a focus on creating comforts within our homes and preserving our heritage. Simple pleasures like taking time to swing and discovering small histories is what we yearn for at the Design Café.

Artisans, crafters and others who fit the profile of the Design Café are also invited to apply.

Be part of this memorable day on August 3rd 2019.