Music Programme

Luju is a journey of the senses. Our ears are awakened by sounds inspired by Miriam Makeba’s township jazz or Fela Kuti’s hip swaying afrobeat music and modern electro beats that electrify the dance halls of Mali and Sophiatown. Relive our memorable and magical music line-up last year!

2019 Music Programme

Amanda Mo (Eswatini)

Amanda Mo serenades with mellow and soul-touching lyrics coupled with up tempo grooves. Her current single Uwami has already set a tone in charts around Southern Africa. Amanda Mo has been awarded with the MTN SWAMA Best Afro Pop Artist 2018.


GrazRoots (South Africa)

The GrazRoots Project revisits old South African classics, and celebrates past South African composers and musicians. The presentation is vibrant and engaging, making sure the music is suitable for all types of audiences. Following research that was conducted by Billy Monama, a performing artist, composer, arranger and guitar teacher, the establishment of the GrazRoots project was inspired by the realization of how the legacy of uniquely South African guitar styles was fast disappearing. This is the sound of Mbhaqanga, Mgqashiyo, Maskandi, African jazz and more.



Bongo Maffin (South Africa)

After a 13-year hiatus from the studio, Bongo Maffin – Stoan, Thandiswa, Jahseed and Speedy – have reformed to become the formidable quartet that dished out both timeless club-bangers and conscious soul-stirring ballads. They are back to claim their rightful place at the top of the charts with Harare. Rooted in the Afrobeat/soul influences, it’s an invigorating track which is as much about the Zimbabwean capital city as it is about one’s state of mind.



Ghorwane (Mozambique)

Named after a lake in the Chibuto District, the group was founded by Pedro Langa born in 1983. After their first performance at the RAIZES concert at Cine África in 1984 the group went on to become the largest band in the country. Ghorwane continues to be one of the Mozambique’s most popular groups both inside and outside the country despite having lost some of its founding members.


The Muses (South Africa)

Fusing classical instruments with contemporary music, The Muses are a sensational Electric String Quartet based in Johannesburg with a love and passion for entertaining. Four talented and gorgeous women, The Muses breathe new life into contemporary hits with their unique sound that has seen them perform at at many high-profile events including The Guess Summer 2012 Fashion Show and the launch of the Mercedes CLS, the Gelanderwågen and the Freightliner launches in Namibia.


Holly Rey (South Africa)

Cruising on the success of her chart-topping Afro House track, ‘Deeper’, Holly Rey is a more than a singer, song-writer and musician; she is a vivid, mesmerising performer. The youngest person to sign a deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing SA, at 13, she established her reputation on the streets and in the taxi ranks of her hometown, Durban. She has since collaborated with musicians from all over Africa.


Sheejay Zoe (Eswatini)

Zodwa N Matsebula, popularly known as Sheejay Zoe, is a recognised house DJ on the rise to global recognition. She has firmly established a reputation with her House mixes, and continues to make her mark as a Deep House DJ. She has performed internationally, in Africa and the USA. Her mixes are played on Metro FM, Ligwalagwala FM and Rise FM.


DJ Ohpis (Eswatini)

A Swazi DJ who got his start in Chicago, USA, Ohpis has developed a diverse international following, bringing people together with his music selection. Responsive to the crowd, his sets are a raw blend of hip-hop and electronic dance music, with a progressive feel, sometimes weaving in alternative genres.  Ohpis is a co-founder of artist affiliate group MotherLand X, based in Southern Africa.


DJ Okapi (South Africa)

DJ Okapi, aka Dave Durbach, is the mastermind behind the blog, record store and record label Afrosynth.With a passion for recovering and showcasing records from almost-forgotten South African music genres, he is best known for his collections of unique synth-fuelled ‘80s bubblegum disco music and down-tempo ‘90s kwaito grooves. Based in Johannesburg, DJ Okapi has compiled collections for international labels.


Cleopatra (Eswatini)

Cleopatra Methula is a country music singer, songwriter and guitar player. Her mature, golden voice and original song-writing skills have earned the title “Queen of Country Music in Africa” given to her by CNN AFRICAN VOICES. Composed in both Siswati and English, Cleopatra’s music is inspired by real life stories that reflect on love, family, friendships, forgiveness, pain, joy and more. She is also the first female country musician to be nominated and invited to perform at the Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards which will be held in Texas in October 2019.


Cool Affair (South Africa)

Cool Affair is a South African producer and leader of live band, The Cool Affair Experience who dazzles music lovers in a variety of genres including nu-jazz, broken beat, hip-hop, lounge, soulful house and Afrobeat. His music is an artistic blend of jazz, broken beats and electro synthetic cool rhythms. Having followed in his father’s footsteps, this second-generation engineer, producer and DJ has produced for celebrated artists such as Eswatini’s Bholoja, Lizha James from Mozambique and Stacy Kidd from the USA.  Cool Affair has also performed all over South Africa and showcased his brilliant artistry in Botswana, Eswatini, Dubai, Kuwait and London.


Kids in Motion (Eswatini)

Kids in Motion is an acclaimed professional dance program for young people established in 2016. It is aimed at moulding exceptional dance artists who will shine in a variety of dance companies, arts institutions and in the corporate space the world over. Kids in Motion is the brainchild of professionally trained and highly experienced Velile Dube who was groomed by The Royal Ballet Academy and the National School of the Arts in South Africa. In partnership with companies beyond the borders of Eswatini, the dance program has displayed impressive growth and produced incredibly talented dancers who are a marvel to watch.

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