Six years ago, the three Micasa band members were complete strangers, no one knew who they were. Today thousands of people around the world gather in their homes, cars, offices and festivals around their music. This incredible family is made up of producer/DJ/keyboardist Dr Duda, singer/songwriter J’Something and trumpeter Mo-T. Soulful house is their vibe which they use to spread good energy across the globe. Their sound and live performances are like no other; reaching and uniting a diversity of people from different backgrounds all in the name of good music.


Thandiswa Mazwai
Thandiswa Mazwai is one of the most influential musicians on the South African music scene today. She began her career in 1998 with Bongo Maffin, one of the pioneering bands of Kwaito. After 6 award winning albums with Bongo Maffin she ventured onto a solo career. Her first project ‘Zabalaza’ (2004), reached double platinum status and won numerous awards including a Kora award for Best African Female Artist and Four South African Music Awards. It was also nominated for the BBC Radio 3 Planet Awards. Her critically acclaimed second album ‘Ibokwe’ (2009) reached gold status in the first few weeks of its release and her recent live DVD ‘Dance of the Forgotten Free’ (2010) won South African Music Awards for Best Female Artist and Best Live DVD in 2011. The Guardian recently called her “South Africa’s finest female contemporary singer.”


Albert Frost
For the past two decades the energetic performances of SAMA award-winning blues/rock guitarist/singer Albert Frost has captivated audiences’ attention worldwide. Dubbed the “South African Hendrix”, Frost deftly alternates between rhythm and lead, showcasing his extraordinary skills on acoustic and electric guitars. His first love is the Blues, stemming from the influence of his long relationship with the Blues Broers, a well-known and respected group from Cape Town with whom he performed from 1994 at the age of 17.


Rebirth of Cool
Birth of Cool is a compilation album by American jazz musician Miles Davis, released in 1957. Featuring unusual instrumentation and several notable musicians, the music consisted of innovative arrangements influenced by classical music techniques such as polyphony, and marked a major development in post-bebop jazz. As the title implies, these recordings are considered seminal in the history of cool jazz. Most of them were originally released in the 10-inch 78-rpm format and are all approximately three minutes long. Rebirth of Cool is a reinterpretation of this music mixed with hip hop. It’s an interaction between our DJ’s and a young three-piece band.


Judah, Khole & Floewe
Judah, Khole and Floewe team up for what is expected to be most anticipated showcase ever witnessed in the kingdom of Eswatini in recent times. With a potential of becoming the highlight of the upcoming inaugural Standard Bank Luju Food and Lifestyle Festival, the trio will collaborate on a never-before-seen set that is expected to blow the minds of the audience. Individually, these solo artists, who are extremely passionate about their craft, have worked hard over the years to build reputable names for themselves in the local music industry.


Kenneth Bekizizwe Nzama was born during the uprising of the youth against apartheid in 1976. He grew up in a household that was musically inclined so naturally that influence rubbed off on him as he grew up. His first musical influence came through his Grandfather. His collection of all kinds of music ranging from jazz, blues and soul lead him to look at music from a different view. Kenzhero’s love for music lead him to perusing a musically inclined career through deejaying at poetry sessions in and out of Johannesburg in 1998.


It all began in 1998; Muzi, with his own unique jazz influenced appreciation of music realised his musical ideology that inspired the inception of what would become Tha_Muzik. Through high school, you’d find him djing at school socials using cassette tapes to entertain fellow peers. In 2004, with his tag partner Jay both combined their technical prowess, musical agility and performance finesse to give rise to a new movement in Hip-Hop sets now known as Jay_Muzik. This culminated in a residency on Yfm on Motso’s show with a 30-mix feature.


Tribe New
Tribe New is a duo comprising of a vocalist who goes by the name Lindelwa also known as Mvelo and a poet known as The Silent Writer. The two artists established New Tribe with the passion of changing societies and further changing the world with their music. They use their talents as a platform to amplify the voices of less privileged individuals from their community and beyond. The duo always serenades revellers with their live African rhythms meddled with western sounds to accommodate all races and age groups. Tribe New makes it a point to embrace their prestigious African heritage and also highlight on their Christian lifestyle. The description of their style of art is a good summary of how they got their name.


Born Julius Mfumo jr. in Manzini, Swaziland, two-time Award Nominee Czar also known as The Emperor has maintained a reputation as one of the most versatile and prolific DJ’s around the local entertainment scene. Armed with an unparalleled blend of soft, energy and skill he combines music which is influenced by altered genres to create a set that is singular and at the same time accommodates a miscellaneous audienceWith a shared urge for music that has mainly been influenced by Soul, Jazz, Electro-Funk has gained him respect in the industry and has seen him being labeled as one of the best of his time to be produced in the Kingdom.



Jess White who has spent the last decade via Akum Agency traveling the globe as an independent manager, agent, promoter and creative producer who represents a diverse roster of artists from Australia, New Zealand, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sudan, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Cameroon, Brazil and Venezuela, nurturing their respective talents and building their profile. He joins the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival stage in a different arrangement as his moniker ‘iamsiwas’. He has also established his brand as a DJ who moves effortlessly between the foundations of afrobeat, afro-jazz, reggae, soul and funk with contemporary cross-cultural dub, electronica, hip-hop, R&B, pop and afrobeats.


PELEPELE Cultural group is gifted with multi-colored, powerful cultural dances, intrepid voice and a talent for writing songs, creating dances that reflect on the daily life and unique culture of the people of our homeland, Eswatini. One of Eswatini’s greatest cultural performing artists, PELEPELE was started in 2003 by Larry Mhlanga in Mbabane the capital of Eswatini as Swazi Marimba then. “PELEPELE” literally translated as “CHILLI- hot” is a multidisciplinary music and dance production that brings together various art forms including the Theatre, Dance, Music, Film, the production comprise of a cast of 30 Swazi dancers, singers, indigenous musicians, and drummers.

It is easier to describe the group as “African” than to pin them down to national boundaries. Their blending of Southern African traditions, including mbira, sitolotolo, Marimba, Makhoyane and the traditional drumming styles Djembe drumming & ngoma drumming, has created such a unique sound that is appreciated by audiences of different races.