J’Something will take to the stage at Luju doing two of his favourite things: singing and cooking. J will demonstrate a few recipes from his recently best-selling cookbook, Something’s Cooking, along with a musical performance – singing chef vibes maybe? J refers to himself as a wannabe chef but whatever the classification, we’re excited to see this award-winning muso cook and sing at the same time. His African and Portuguese fusion of ideas and flavours will have your taste buds dancing and will awaken all your foodie senses.


Pete Goffe-Wood
Pete Goffe-Wood, the Food Alchemist, will be presenting a braai masterclass in partnership with Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Together they will create gourmet Shisa Venison dishes including Impala, Wildebeest, Warthog and Inyala.
Pete has been a professional chef for the past 31 years. He was classically trained at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks and worked in London for nine years where he cooked in some of the West End’s award winning restaurants. Pete is currently judging Ultimate Braai Master on e.tv and consults for the Majeka House, a boutique hotel in Stellenbosch as well as for Bosjes in the Breede River Valley, and Bazaar on Florida in Durban.


Guba (meaning “to dig” in SiSwati) is Working with our local communities we offer education programmes for children, youth & adults designed to improve quality of life & well-being while enhancing the natural, social & economic environment that we depend upon. Permaculture is a global movement guided by 3 ethics; Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share.
A central part of Guba’s work is their community permaculture training, growing resilient communities, which focuses on food security & income generation at homestead level. The result is significant improvements to the diversity, continuity, volume & nutritional value of food grown at the homes of students as well as a marked improvement of their general health & wellbeing & those benefitting within their homesteads.


Bob Forrester
Eswatini has by far the oldest cultural tradition in the world. This stretches back over forty thousand years ago to a time when people mined ochre at Ngwenya Mine. Ochre is rusted iron, it has no practical use – but a great deal of spiritual and ritual use. It is how people connect to ancestors and spirits. Bob’s talk explores ochre and ritual, past and present, the living and the dead.


Ntsiki Biyela
Eighteen13 Wine Club will be activating on site with South Africa’s first Black female winemaker, Ntsiki Biyela, who in 2009 was named as South Africa’s Woman Winemaker of the Year. In 2017, Biyela launched Aslina wines, a self-funded wine business. As the company begins producing wine, Biyela will be using grapes from local vineyards, with four Aslina varietals: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and a Bordeaux blend that will echo her 2014 collaboration with California winemaker Helen Keplinger.

Ntsiki will be joined by vineyards including, M’hudi Wines. M’hudi comes from the Setswana word, ‘Mohudi’ which means ‘harvester’ and M’Hudi Wines, winners of the 2009/10 Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year Award (ETEYA), is run by the inspirational Rangaka family who run the first wine farm to be owned and managed by a black family in South Africa. Thembi Wines is run by Winemaker Thembi Tobie whose passion for wine, different cultures, foods, and travel led her to venture into wine. She taught herself by visiting wineries during her spare time to taste wine, buying wine books and enrolling in a wine course.

Ses’fikle and Winemaker Nondumo Pikashe are dedicated to growing and crafting beautiful wines. Ses’fikile wines are informed by the three centuries of wine-making history in South Africa and combine a state of the art; gravity- flow cellar with ancient wine-making philosophy ensures authentic real wine of uncompromising quality.


Kid’s Kitchen
The Standard Bank Luju Food and Lifestyle Festival is also presenting the Kids’ Kitchen, a chance for budding chefs aged between 8 – 14 a chance to showcase their kitchen skills in a culinary programme facilitated by Masterchef SA judge Pete Goffe-Wood. A competition was held from the 28 of June until the 6th of July that encouraged young aspiring chefs to apply, with one child to be chosen as this year’s official junior chef for the festival.